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Staying Safe Online

CAT (Cyber Attack Terminator) is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that works in real-time on-the-wire to block threats and attacks to/from your network. It works just like a water filter, removing impurities like ransomware, malware, virus, BOTs and attacks from your data pipe (between links 1 and 2 below). Whether you are a home or a business, there are basic cyber protection areas to cover. Today cyber security covers a broad range of technologies and tools, much like physical security which requires doors, windows, locks, alarm systems and video cameras. CAT is a 'unified' technology (UTM) working on all aspects of Security not just threat signatures from bots/viruses. Anti-Virus/Malware products are not enough

Check your security vulnerability here: free on line security test. Our test results with a CAT installed are shown below.

s u b p i c o® CAT™ Online Security

CAT runs in real-time with advanced protocol compression heuristics at layers 1 to 7 to keep your place SAFE. CAT is transparent in the Operator (public) side cleaning all sessions to/from your home or business, and improves download speeds and multimedia performance by freeing up your data connection bandwidth.

CAT periodically updates against a leading edge global threat signature database to stay ahead. You can load and test your own signatures if you know how to write (cisco/snort) flows.

Whether you’re a home or a business, important basic cyber protection measures should be present and configured correctly. You can test before and after CAT is installed by running a quick free online shield test.

s u b p i c o® CAT™ 3 UTM IPS

CAT3™ blocks threats to and from your network in Operator Domain

s u b p i c o® CAT™ 4 UTM IPS WIFI

CAT4™ provides UTM/IPS Security + LAN/WIFI Router/Firewall
CAT™ ✔ Reliable ✔ Secure ✔ Advanced
CAT Models - Freight Free, GST incl.

CAT4 WIFI: 2.4/5GHz, All Modes
CAT4 2*SMA RF Ant 9.5dBi
Size: 134*126*36 mm (L*W*H)
1*USB2.0, 1*USB3.0, HDMI, VGA
PWR Sw, RST Sw, 12Vdc
CAT™ Solid-State HW Acceleration


Cat IPS is an OS-BYPASS/ZERO-COPY system, with only two actions: forward or drop on any any. We have an alert mode we use to test applications and services can connect and function as intended, and that CAT catches only threats. Unlike other *NIX IPS snort/suricata architectures, CAT doesn't use kernel resource configuration like iptables, nfqueue etc. Your security signatures and vectors will load and run (after syntax checking) immediately. CAT supports batch loading, live units running ~ 15K signatures, custom and current ET vector sets. Rules that map to flow tuplet, IP inspections, IPRep, etc are filtered in hardware. Content flows are passed to the signature engine (refer flow diagram above) typically only once for analysis, consequent filters/flow-ids are fed-back in firmware DSP for action.

s u b p i c o® CAT™ Performance

WORLDS FASTEST APPLIANCE (Mpps: Million packets per second)
Portspeed Rate: 1.491 Mpps, Unit Aggregate: 5.964 Mpps, Active TCP Sessions: 2.5 M, Telco svc/payload mix: 3.8 M When it comes to performance, Subpico is the bench mark. Below STC Ports saturates/burn-in tests (1-week) sustained rates for maximum session throughputs.

CAT's unique hardware approach and performance separates us from other systems that suffer from throughput degradation. For those investigating new attack surfaces we recommended keeping your production rule sets active. This is to groom hardware data-paths for run-time optimizations. CPU Cycles (Affined:Priority:cache-aligned:AVX512-inst): 20-30 cyc/dsp action, 60-70 cyc/detect, 5-10 cyc/install #filter = total per sig/flow ~ 80 cyc, and dsp/flow 20 cycles.

Knowing Your Home | Business Exposure

You can verify your managed service providers components and solution: Vendor CVE a comprehensive Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) List. CAT is a simple solution to provide complete 100% online security.

Unified Threat and Intrusion Prevention

CAT has passed various penetration tools and suites including 'metasploit', 'nmap', etc. We are also proud of being deployed on a variety of different networks and our customers have not had a single incident.

Check your network security exposure with a free online test. CAT security test result below - 100% PASS.

This online security test should be run before and after the CAT is installed to confirm your protection status.

Empowering the end-user

CAT empowers the owner to quantify, fix the problem and measure the result. It is a unified threat system processing at line rate directly at the media layer before any software applications. This leads to a technical advantage and material cost savings for your network resources and bandwidth. It also improves the performance of your end systems and apps.

Our background is not IT and that is why we see things differently. It gives us a unique perspective into cyber security. Computers, networks and phones, like buildings, have doors. If you want to stop someone breaking in through your front door, and stealing stuff out the backdoor, you put in locks (Firewalls/ Anti-virus). But locks can be picked, in fact they can install their own locks ie. ransomware. CAT removes the door altogether, so how do you get in and out without a door? This is what makes CAT special. It doesn't play by IT rules. We built CAT as an internal company tool to keep ourselves safe because we knew from the CVE that IT Cyber Security products on the market are not effective. Firewalls, Anti-Virus etc have backdoors and vulnerabilities directly or indirectly from the third-party components that go into them. In fact, CIA papers recently revealed what we knew all along. Built-in vulnerabilities disabling windows security in major cyber software products provided remote access and control. So we came up with our own fail-safe solution, something that is invisible and zero-day functional. We have over 20 years in the carrier and security community and experience on special projects hardware, firmware and software which gives us all the tools we need to build something that works. CAT worked so well we decided it would be a good product for anyone wanting a simple fix to being safe online without the expensive IT vapourware and techno-twaddle.

Below are screen shots of our manager GUI to view and inspect live attack sources.

CAT™ 🐱 - Live Trace and Geo-Tracking

CAT™ 🐱 100% Secure Platform

To provide security we must be secure, it is common sense - how can you secure something when you are not? Being secure is one of our core features. We have proven we are 100% secure in a two week global open internet 'no-rules' hacking challenge - not just once but twice, something security vendors would not dare do, but should.

Global CTF hacking competitions - Open Internet, No Winners 2015 and 2017.
On both CTF competitions we had attacks from corporations, pentesters, various organizations as well as teams and individual hackers from all over the world. At peak ~ 8000 attacks per min, with attack waves following the sun as countries wake up.

As expected our system prevailed and CAT and the systems we were protecting were without incident.