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Staying Safe Online

Whether your a home or a business there are seven basic cyber protection measures that should be present and configured correctly. Today cyber security covers a broad range technologies and tools: much like physical security which requires doors, windows, locks, alarm systems and video cameras. Anti-Virus isnt enough, add human error, and security quickly becomes complex and expensive.

Dont take your security vendor's word for it. Try the quick free on-line security test.

s u b p i c o® CAT™ Online Security

CAT is a carrier grade unified threat management (UTM) intrusion prevention system (IPS). It combines the protection areas mentioned above into a single plug-n-play unit that works bi-directional, in realtime and at wirespeed.

CAT runs our patented protocol-compression and flow heuristics engine on-the-wire, blocking hacker technologies, tools and threats before they reach your home or office network and do harm.

s u b p i c o® CAT™ 3 UTM IPS

CAT3™ blocks threats to and from your network in Operator Domain

s u b p i c o® CAT™ 4 UTM IPS WIFI

CAT4™ provides UTM/IPS Security + LAN/WIFI Router/Firewall